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then you should say a lot of the stuff i believe what i'm doing also it's ok you know if you're if you're a living f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critic dude in the house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political fine. thank men they know bad wolf. i will fight for you did you know that the city of cazan is the first ever world cup city to have a predominantly muslim population you do know of my left town is the beautiful mosque and two hundred yards away is the quite incredible imposing cathedral two great cultures living side by side since the days of catherine the great.
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right talking with stan we back in cazan and that means fruit. thing. we had last year in. restaurants that moved location with the same people don't we're in the same great food was a chef last year and that would go further cuts. ads last year it was very very different to the band mates but very much like i'm so looking forward to cooks in the.
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delicious sushi do the dishes. right so brazil against belgium is tomorrow we've got a few i was off some going to go over to the kremlin on this beautiful body of water and have a look at the wonderful city of cazan. right . and you know. time to get the mind silo let's do some proper signing so basically we tried to do this thing that all brought this all just a little bit too strong unfortunately i made a more church bigger your chances and sure either way come or money's until the come around he wants to climb. is the mind races cool. calm funny let's see
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you do it. so in that stadium the cars on a remote some are oh the glamour it's all of the three four world cup quarterfinals will take place brazil against belgium. part of our series all remember this for him from the world cup in brazil you're blowing this. thing to find some. of them.
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just imagine going across honoring your friends showing us a fun stuff right yours they didn't make it through these final journey you got another one coming up in the years time with chad calendar in mexico seriously why did you come to the world. you. know the last five or six just. to. easy. with.
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was. the right have been beautiful some are on the banks of the mighty river of all got we did have three hundred fifty kilometers exactly right frank has done when belle and jim brink brazil in one of the quarterfinals to die it's england again for you .
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so really trying to family here is doug here's the thing with all the good outside your feelings about the guy. i'm quietly confident i was more nervous for the call me again bo i think we'll get through today is he coming home he's coming home and you know that we're home for dinner for a little over an hour for the criminal good luck today i'm calling lines all morning. here on earth it's very sedate here at the smaller a rain at the moment could be in yesteryear could be a very gentle pre-season friendly note the feisty affair between two here opinion joins england and sweden to call we go. in the stadium which i'd already to england's right fullback here in tripoli is that he's confident that these ladies.
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also three full cup semi final. and. so welcome everybody to the stakeholder more. today we've got a true legend our french football. first and foremost what if you made of frogs as well cup so far. the best of all so he says that he is good on
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this period out on the could he. really did see if he meant to know when to number two to push he really. have a coup at least you keep. you'll. also poorly the this is cool but i don't she's got his own to what he said he. could be so much so there's a good school disco feeder funds he's on the money to some oh he's a bit of a committee show mentor not to supposably now speaking of us i mean one of my first memories of woke up for all was the great friend saw that i just mentioned. the show being in the semifinals ninety ninety two inspiring ninety six in mexico of course we won the european championship but your midfield was one of the greatest refuels of all time all about what the name is in french but in english translates to be in the magic square luis fernando. in yourself what similarities between that
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me feel that you guys had in the french midfield of that i don't. know some keep the cut when duke utterances us cannot. pull. this limited city me to. support what he or they did look at him a sheikh. a mortal d c but is it good or needed by law. to complete closure agree on up on the ticket with you on a public that on that issue until the equity. exception then every new me should put. in the existing policy to keep the occident group was not to see them credited the first your mom or me do you develop it if it could only keep more then what it says if you could a six pm at all show elitism is a cancer that is pus. difficulty country cancer when this bus and the
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babay who's taken the world cup by storm would he fit into that great french side during the eighties into your side with. us it should and then put the two to this people. are no issue. on it illustrate it is it so that you all know it is a bit desperate says a bailable from the on the real capacity needed but all eleven or. all of you lobbied for me to come to the zookeeper of tullie. or denmark. sure city on every facet you mad dog and that be an all or naught it be illusion if. clinical. or not to trust your. much your spouse securely much this past it was our individual among you equality you know what i don't we
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sit there where you do of course policy. are quite a relief to experiment equality or really be in it if have a policy challenge or as coming from somebody from a stray who used to watch you as a young boy ten years of age as what you were in ninety two to be out the interview has been an absolute pleasure thank you so much missy who.
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try to force.
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myself to say hold on we'll move those jobs back to america by imposing saros to equalize the trade picture and move toward a post china extraction model you know where as private equity extracts wealth using labor trials china's but extracting wealth using leverage trade shenanigans so this is just the reverse of that song because i hear it in some people's voices starts to make a little bit more sense that people don't understand that this guy actually understands more than people are giving him credit for. seems wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out these days comes to connecticut and in detroit it equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. today this one calling will show comes to be it for me. today italy will not be at the free for world cup for the first time in a long long time without be represented via famous italian company this is the two thousand and eighteen version of welcome to planet. of the brits so i'm delighted that you can join us here at the police headquarters in the center of this is actually the first ever police will give us a little bit of history how panini started and how we got involved in making
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football stickers the penny family story is a typical italian story of the fifty's and sixty's so after war the search of a new live. for get about the past they started their activity in the area by means of buying a little kiosk in the center a modern era and from there that expanded the activity through the period between one nine hundred forty five and one thousand and sixty into first a distribution agency and then a reworking. the so-called unsold copies of other publishers in into packets called surprised back and it was a success. and that gave does a penny of the eldest brother the idea to generate their first collection and
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that's where it all started. lovely to meet you want to show us a look what you've got and you scroll back straightaway the three laws. give us an idea how difficult it is to formulate a squad so far out and how you can managing to do it knowing it's working hard that creation on the squads. of the sports and eternal whom that was what is working the most normally is a crystal ball. because in truth of this crystal ball game they could all be information we have it why not be information besides all the the work you know or do it during the four years before the event. the world still the comic world and of course in mexico the us take a stadium so really was a fantastic opportunity to sell and the idea of collecting stickers around the
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world give us an idea of how successful that ended up becoming well. easy to say this was the first album which was conceived to be international so with. captions very simple captions about layers. and just hard facts by bias and stance and was a big success it was it was. and gave the panini brothers the. confidence to carry on for the future at international level. ok we'll call. these our what i don't know and here we have quite a subject ok and this is the basis for mixing it up making. confronts us the flies
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and yes so what happens next simona that's what we have been mixing because we mix together that all because she is yet. three lines poland colombia can say that they like it when seated on the stone calling all show the french to have nine hundred ninety eight from the birth joined us on the show. long ten million. people hang many stickers for jesus. yet i can give you a very loud sound that not more. than one hundred. one. and this is it no use and this is a complete. let me hold you literally varian. so we're going to record
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a reply. swaps is anyone to know more and more complaints now over. cool random stickers it's all you. see of a country in a plane or a different planet different country different or does little bit here are we on the fuckin. yeah we. did a cold on the back. and nothing we can. yeah we had a counter and then we had reality that the week the buffy. who he is is one is one and it's one noah all remember this one because this is a book for the p.f. i. saw it was strange because i remember that they turned up to the liverpool
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training ground to may just just go on and ok if i switch it was a terrible fall that is what i mean yeah a man's man. with robbie fowler the pictures is so much better and i mean the problem pretty sticky is there's many white thirteen star eleven pounds for some a little bit heavier than that night twenty four and robbie fowler annoy scored one hundred two goals between us what so you say eason's zero zero zero you can remember this like it was yesterday i own my goodness. yes some of the stadiums still there and. this is my favorite ever. look at some of these plays for italy got siani better paolo rossi. pietro record vault day no soft applied well into his forty's. to may. but see that made me want to apply for. a new.
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says gino and say says you know socrates and there's the. crew member fill in these books and if it was just a. thank you very much for the memory of. the memories of stickers yes the. way out to the free flow cope in russia in two thousand and i. can say we have the beautiful kremlin and red square behind us and she's made my way super excited but it strikes first one france against belgium the lowlands again. before nine hundred ninety eight both knocked out south american opposition what she confronts for us well france out of the tournament like real champions i
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was lucky to get that result to win against australia they've built themselves explode again and say they did what they had to do against europe why they're looking very very good build must be feeling bulletproof you talked about south american countries they knocked out the favorites in brazil so they must think that they can beat anyone big decision for a bit of time often is about the belgium manager who is he going to play got a tactical right against brazil does he stick with the same table does he get a little bit different but the may still think france he got the edge big decision today shows as well midfield as you bring that maturity was the stick with the list talented teams i think france will take it out how important is this for the premier league's of the last two or three years everybody talks about ronaldo messi the leader is the best this is a massive shot in the arm when you've got so on for france when you've got kevin de bruyne and a lot of these belgian players playing in the premier league for the premier league . well course it is the premier league in my opinion is the most in the timing league in the world by weather and all it's the best is very very difficult to judge but one thing i will say that i would say it goes deeper than any of the
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league in the world and this is just showing that now the representatives you just mentioned the top ten players playing for england and that as well and for france you go to the race and people like that it is great for any league or around the world to have players represented at the very highest level and especially at the biggest competition in the world give us your prediction for france against belgium in the free for all in some pretty tight game to take it out probably after extra time right the second one we've both got a bit of skin in the game as they say on pride englishman you all would never guess it is all the words yeah. croatian heritage book both semifinals cry she breaks in the house valiant effort by the russian book. got past the rockets each and then. functions where you didn't tell me what you thought some of those schools have on well first of all most. is have to hold my hands up to russia forget about it being a great world cup as was spoken by many as it's that same perform fantastically
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well we were both very concerned at the la she's confederations cup as to what would happen for woodruff russia in the first awful by father but at same totally does a crazy come back into a second half probably just edged it but then once again russia full back and got that equaliser right before the penalty shoot out penalty shoot outs no matter how much you bring it down to a fine saw it still comes down to a little bit of luck we had that luck luck we had the game before against denmark as well but little bit concerned two games hundred twenty minutes and penalties a little bit considered especially playing salty which as you know is very very hot england i thought was a very convincing performance against wade and i thought i should have put colombia way before the last ten minutes or so i thought colombia were poor up until that point but then played really well and made you think why they play that throughout the whole guy you think croatia do do and one of the first times in my life i think . to lose because i spent over half my life in england creation heritage which ever way it goes it doesn't really matter but yes i do believe that england will beat croatia and i'll play france in the font quite incredible to think i'm in france
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against england is more of a famous than it is a football game but two countries separated by twenty two miles of the english channel or if you friends french that's both these prediction i want to ask you and pick your brains about goalkeeping there have been lots of penalty shoot outs in this tournament. the psychology of why. we've both played a game he missed a big penalty a ninety six and he's at psychology seem cold in the england set up he wants to own the process tell us what it's like for a goalkeeper is it much easier than a penalty taika and what goes through your mind when somebody steps could be big penalty number one definitely much easier if your opportunity as a goalkeeper to be the hero which comes few and far between for a goalkeeper your mentality when a player comes up to take a penalty differs from a shootout than it does from regular place of his regular play you pretty much know who the penalty take is going to be going to be staying home on where you'd
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normally like to go but let's just sort of wait and see in a shootout it's a lot different well it was for me anyway it was like i'm going to be five so the ones who are going to be taking two three four five they're going to be watching you so for those first couple i'm going to stay still for as long as i possibly can and go to the last minute if the people are going to take you have a penalty see moving right he moves very quickly said basically i can put it in my why i can change my mind lightly he'll move if they way and they see watching what you want to do is to make sure that that head goes down of the penalty take it because once the head goes down then it's time to go the non-killing foot is the important thing the vast majority of penalty take is that monkey king four points the way that the penalty is going to go excellent stuff balls as always great insights we hear in the last few days of the three four world cup it is the view of the same. before knows what the fronts will be belgium will it be england all crow i should take in their place in the national stadium so indeed for the faith world
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cup final.
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and. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to me. alone. i'm cycling to get elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities many part of. a luxury was you guys who got. this is.
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the more you remember bill if bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about to hurt and the redistribution of. debt downwards we want our. money to be with you it be the.
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one of the victims allegedly exposed to a toxic substance in the u.k. town of eggs free with gains consciousness remains in a critical condition. up to show you a life after all you don't have to. do a lot of. research to. spot sun disagreements are predicted at wednesday's nato summit as brussels publicly swings back a chance criticism of the thieves of lack of alliance funding by the e.u. . and the first of the world cup semifinal says just picked up in some petersburg between belgium and france what have the thoughts of manchester united manager jones i bring you in just a sec.


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